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I am a singer-songwriter and acoustic covers artist who grew up on the edge of the Peak District National Park in the United Kingdom. I now live and work in NYC.


I have released an album called Souls Apart, under my own Record Label. The album is available to listen to or to buy in various places on the web. See the options below.

The album, Souls Apart, was produced at Rooksmere Studios in Overstone, Northamptonshire where I was very fortunate to find a young, gifted producer, Mark Hutchinson. Mark and I shared the same ideas and creative direction of the album. Mark also introduced me to a wonderful group of session musicians to support the making of the album.


Guy Fletcher, a multi-instrumentalist played drum,  improvised the fiddle on "Until the Stars Fall", and played the mandolin and mandola on Gentle Moon.

Mark Hutchinson, as well as producing the album, added subtle electric,  and bass guitars, and percussion to my tracks. I was delighted to get the chance for Tim Harries to play double-bass on this album on "Call Your Name", "Until the Stars Fall", "Breath and Blow of the Breeze", and "Whispering Wind". Tim is currently the bassist for Katie Melua, and has recorded with Brian Eno and David Byrne, Lizzie Spear, a fabulous session cellst and bassist, plays cello and Ruth Angell plays violin and viola and sings on "Wrap My Arms Around You".

There are a number of ways to listen to the music: streaming free through Spotify, or pay and downlaod on various iTunes stored in over 40 countries, or buy the CD to hold in your hand.   The CD is also beautifully presented by artists would kindly grant me permission to reproduce their artwork in the CD booklet. I was enormously overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and support.  Without exception, they donated their work and offered very kind words of encouragement for my music (I've listed their websites below for you to visit).


Michael Phipps -;   Sandra Bottinelli -;  Christina Colwell -; Shawna Erback -; Catherine Hyde -; Carla Lovato -; Mandy Walden -; Montri Samchimchom -; David Binello -;  David Hone, LRPS -

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